The Back To School Post…

Moo has been back at school now for 3 weeks, and so far its going well. We have had the odd morning where she gets herself into a pickle and refuses to go, but I think thats the norm?

The transition from reception to year one is the hardest apparently. The structured lesson and no play has been a bit of a battle for Moo to get her head round. All summer she said she really didn’t want to go back and when asked why its was always the same answer of, “Its going to be boring, we are not allowed to play!”¬†

With-in the second week we were given a homework sheet, this was not my idea of fun! But Moo has really surprised me.. She asks to do it everyday and we do. Every morning before school we sit down together and practice her joined up hand writing, read her books and talk about what the book involved {it can be a bit of a rush in the morning, but trying to get her to do it when we are home from school is hard work!} I always make sure she reads daily and if we cannot fit the hand writing in, so be it.

So far, she has taken to it well, a little hiccup with the TA and the days where she doesn’t want to go in {mainly a Monday – Monday blues I guess!} But all seems to be going well. She really likes her teacher which is a bonus and she seems to get on with everyone. Last year we had a little moment with friends and getting round to the idea that you can play with different children, not just the same circle. Moo seems to have got that sorted now.

Me, I hate it, I hate the school run and I hate the competition.. I need to cover that up though and go in with a  smile and pick her up with a smile, if Moo catches on that I am uneasy about it, then it will become uncomfortable for her and I really do not want that!


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