The 4°Clock Dance Rule…

The winter months are always a struggle for me, not because of the cold, just because of the husbands work hours. I cant complain to much, some people don’t see there husbands for months on end due to there work. But the summer months I am ridiculously spoilt! 8am till 4pm four days a week! so the long winter shifts are a drag, so I came up with a rule to have a 4°Clock dance rule. Come 4°Clock if I am at home the music goes on and we all dance round to

  1. Wear us all out
  2. Pass the time
  3. Keep me sane (If I have to watch anymore CBeebies then I dread to think what will become of me!)

Normally by the time the dancing is finished, I am sashaying my way to the kitchen to dish up dinner, then its bath time and before I know it the husband is walking through the door, and then its BED! Its surprising how quickly those few hours go when you hitting the lounge rug with your best mama moves!


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