Its been a while since any of us have been sick. H was ill over Easter but it was nothing like what we have experienced over the last few days. It all started of so well too! Saturday we had a wonderful time at my in-laws. We were celebrating my father-in-laws birthday and we have started to make it a ritual every year that we hire a karaoke and spend the day drinking, singing, laughing, eating and enjoying everyones company. There are 14 of us in total and its the best way to spend a birthday. It won’t be a birthday we will forget anytime soon though!

We said our goodbyes on Sunday and had a relaxing day at home. G and H went to bed earlier than normal as both had a very late night the night before and although we both felt guilty putting them to bed at 5.30 we were rather shocked that by 5.45 both were sound asleep. We didn’t hear from them until G woke us up running to the toilet. I honestly thought she had, had an accident in bed as she didn’t say anything or she didn’t cry. Mr B got out of bed to see if she was ok and all I heard was “oh G, its ok” I rolled out of bed to find her head in the sink. She has never ever been so calm about being sick and all she kept saying was “I can’t go to school tomorrow can I”

It was a very long night, every 20 minutes G found herself in the bathroom and Mr B kindly rubbed her back. I was just thankful no bedsheets were ruined and she was being so grown up about it. We managed a stretch of 2 hours sick free and then it started over again, every half hour till 7am. G looked absolutely shattered and as pale as a sheet of paper. Mr B waited at home whilst I took H to school and when I was back he headed to work. I decided it best I starve myself, its no-ones favourite thing to have your head down the loo, but I am not very good when it comes to being sick. I actually found out that out of the 14 that were at the party already 7 had come down with the bug and by the time Monday evening came round 11 out of the 14 were either sick or had been!

Monday afternoon I received a call from the school to pick H up and he looked pretty awful and was quite distressed when I picked him up. I drove home and we all got into our pyjamas and I was thankful that H had started being sick through the day because it meant maybe, just maybe he would stop before going to bed considering that the sickness lasted between 6 and 8 hours. I could imagine that H would not be as prompt as G in getting to the toilet.

H was in fact sick every 2 hours from 8pm and he didn’t finish being sick until 8am the following day. He was pretty good aiming for the bucket only needing to take the bed sheet off as he missed first time. Like G he was shattered the following day and because there is a 48hour rule at the school both G and H stayed at home and spent most of the day on the sofa. G went back on today¬†and H will be back tomorrow.

I have never been in a situation where a sick bug has travelled so quickly throughout a group. It was literally like a domino effect. Thankfully Mr B or I have not had it which surprises me because it spread like wildfire! I am rather pleased I didn’t get it, I swear I have a stomach of steel! I am even more pleased that Mr B didn’t get it, as being type 1 diabetic it can cause a multitude of problems and I {and the rest of the family} worry about it.

Thankfully we are all better and so is the rest of the family. A little worn out and tired but we all came out the other end and its definitely a birthday we won’t forget in a hurry. We blame the microphones of the karaoke, all the germs they must hold, makes me feel sick just thinking about it! Hopefully it won’t ruin future birthdays and we still continue the tradition of karaoke parties as they really are so much fun!


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