Supermarket Snob…

Yes, I am was a supermarket snob!

When I moved out and into our first home I was so excited to do that first weekly shop. Stocking up the cuboards and filling the fridge with lots of goodies. That soon changed the following week and we were on a budget from then on. Over the last few years I have chopped and changed supermarkets and my most recently home food shop was the best, I loved getting my delivery from Ocado. Over the weeks the bill slowly but surely started to creep over the budget and it was coming in more and more each week, so I had to put a stop to it and make some huge changes within my shopping habits.

Now this is where the “supermarket snob” comes in. The last few weeks I have been shopping in the low budget shop, which is otherwise know as Aldi. Now don’t get me wrong, if things are cheaper then I am all for it but where this shop is situated is not overly nice and it just looks… Dirty.. I’m not one of these people who put on thier dark glasses and creep in trying to hide behind the stacks of bread that has been left in the middle of the aisle.. No I am quite confident as I know my shopping bill will come in a good £50 cheaper.

Obviously there are things to avoid and I do end up getting them elsewhere but the majority I am able to get and to be honest it taste a damn lot better than some leading supermarkets {I still miss my Ocado shop!} I have become addicted to trying to get my bill lower each week. I always said to the Mr that I would never buy beans from there as they were not Heinz, but they taste exactly the same and the children are not fussed by them either.. I can also get my fat cokes from there too, which makes me rather happy!

The only downside to shopping at a low budget supermarket, is they literally throw it at you once its been scanned, and I am quite particular about my bag packing. I end up just throwing it in any old bag {the bags are a nightmare too! I take my own}

I can feel my supermarket snobbery leaving me and to be honest I am not bothered about where I shop now. I used to turn my nose up when people mentioned the A word, but now I have given them a bit of a test drive I can honestly say, cheaper is the way forward!


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