Spring Brings Bugs {quite literally!}

This week has been a bit of a crap week. Just as the sun comes out to play we get ill! Its so typical!

Tuesday night I was not feeling great and went to bed with the children. Wednesday the little boy was whining most of the morning and was making a funny sound with his mouth. He was constantly asking for food, so when I made him lunch I wasn’t expecting him to throw up everywhere! Luckily he didn’t eat any of it and after, he promptly fell asleep for the whole afternoon! He woke looking peaky and pale and for the rest of the afternoon stayed glued to the sofa. He went to bed and luckily for me he slept straight through. Today he seems a little better, but still very pale.

I hate it when they are ill, especially when you yourself are not feeling 100%. I suffer terribly with migraines, and although I am on medication to help, I still get the odd one and it takes me days to recover. I can be quite ill with them and so far I am on day 3 of feeling rough!

I have found this week so frustrating, with things happening behind the scenes anyway and waiting patiently for answers is stressing me out slightly and I just want the thumbs up! {I will let on soon I promise!}

The sun has been a massive perk this week, even if I have not been able to get out, just having the windows open is a thrill in its self!


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