Sports Day Fun

Last week Moo had her very first sports day! It was so much fun and I am so proud of her efforts!

My girl is highly competitive, she takes after me, I get rather grouchy if I loose and I have passed this trait down! I was a bit apprehensive as I was worried we would have some diva show down in the finishing line, but luckily this did not happen!

The weather was on our side and the sun was out to play.. It was lovely,l. So making the most of the sun we cheered on our girls {and boys} as they ran firstly the bean bag race {which is where my competitive streak came in as I am sure she was third but she was put down for fourth!} Secondly was the egg and spoon race where Moo was first right up until the last part! She took her eyes of the egg and it fell of the spoon, but she came third! Thirdly was the running race and she pulled it out the bag by gaining first place! Lastly was the obstacle race where she had to jump through hoops, climb over benches, crawl under the parachute and finish the race by jumping in a sack, unfortunately the sack part let her down and she didn’t come any where near first, more like last! But she was such a sport and took everything in her stride!

It was such a well put together sports day, considering there were 5 heats and year one and two also had their turns to take! Was a lovely morning catching up with fellow mums and dads too.. Unfortunately Moo’s overall team came third, but it’s the taking part that counts!!

Thankfully there was no parents race! I would have made a right old fool of my self!


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