So Very Proud…


Since Moo started swimming I have seen a huge improvement with her confidence. She has come on so far and the year has been taken up with learning new skills.

I watch her religiously, every Monday we make the 20 minute drive to the pool and we say goodbye as she enters. I sit and watch from the gallery with a sense of pride that she can do this.

Moo struggled at first and I did wonder if I was doing the right thing, paying out for lessons that she really wasn’t getting much from. The deep end was not her favourite place and a little mis-hap where she lost her bearings sent her confidence down-hill and it took some while to get them back up. It didn’t help she had grommets inserted, not wanting to get her ears wet was a huge thing for her and it took time to adjust to ear plugs and bands around her head.

We went on holiday this summer and although she still used a ring, we managed to get her jumping in the deep end by the end of the week. This was a huge improvement, but the battle now was that we had to take that ring away and she had no comfort blanket to help her when back in lessons.

This week, she blew me away. I really can’t put into words just how proud I was, and still am. Moo is most confident on her back and she could swim for miles and miles on it. Her front crawl is ok but a little weaker than her back-stroke. She has been nailing a width every week on her front, but you can see how out of breath she is when she gets to the other side. I didn’t think they would be pushing her to do a length anytime soon.

But they did, and she did it, the whole way, without stopping, continuous, on her front.

I wanted to bang on the glass to get her attention, {but that would of been a tad embarrassing!} I wanted to jump up and down and yell she did it {but again, even more embarrassing!} So I silently sat there, a beaming smile spread across my face, willing her lesson to end so I could tell her how amazing she was, and when it did, I didn’t stop telling her. She didn’t get the realness of what she had done, and fair enough, its not that big, but she made me so proud.

So very proud that I am lucky enough to be her mummy…




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