Selfie Stories #1

I like taking a good ole selfie more than the next person. I am forever taking pictures of me and Moo, or me and H, or both. Sometimes if I am really lucky I get to have a selfie with the camera shy husband! Sometimes its just me on my own.

Every month, just once in the month, I am going to share with you a selfie {or two…} My favourite picture, and I am going to tell you the story behind that selfie, there is always a story to tell, wether it be trying to get a grumpy child to smile, or a quick selfie of the family on a day out.

This months selfie is a ritual me and H have. We both currently pick Moo up and those 10 minutes we have in the car together before we do that school run walk are either us messing around or playing trains {his most favourite game, ever!} I prefer the messing around lark!

H never really takes a photo seriously. If I ask him to smile he gives me a cheeky grin, but will never look straight down the barrel of the lens. If I ask him to stick his tongue out or pull a funny face, then thats when I get his full face looking at me. Most of the time I will end up with a good few photos of us pulling funny faces, trying to get him to smile, or of him pulling a funny face. We always go through them and snigger at the funny ones together. Its a lovely 10 minutes we have laughing and joking together.

I actually love this photo, he is so cheeky. Come September I won’t have this, so I am making up for it now. I will miss those 10 minutes we have of messing around with the camera before we pick Moo up.. I have a whole folder of photos with this little man and whenever I go through them they always bring a smile to my face.


Have you a selfie that you have snapped this month and would like to share the story behind it? I would love it it you would link up with me and share.


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