School Holidays

Whilst we were on the christmas break, I vowed that I would always make plans for things to do whenever it was a school holiday. I struggled immensely throughout the christmas holiday, being stuck in and then topped off with chicken pox it made for a long christmas break.

This half term I intentionally made plans, I learnt from my previous mistake of being indoors 24/7, and I was not going to go stir crazy again!

This week has been filled with play dates and lovely activities and I still feel rather calm and its heading towards the end of the week, normally I would of pulled my hair out by now!

Moo had a special play date with a friend from school which she very much enjoyed. I got to have adult conversation which I very much enjoyed!

I got to see family and friends and Moo and the little boy got to play with cousins and friends they have not seen in a while.

Its definitely worth while making plans ahead of the holiday period, its made this half term more bearable and more enjoyable for me and the children!


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