On Friday, G and H received their yearly reports. Now, I am not sure about all schools, but we get a termly report along with our parents evening. Where they are expected to be and a mention of how they are doing that term. The end of year report is more in depth and its something I really look forward to reading. I love to know on a whole scale of what my children are capable of and I think its a real insight of how other people perceive them.

This year G has had major confidence issues. So much so she has been taken out of class to have confidence boosting session once a week. It pains me that she lacks it and I am really working hard with her teachers and assistants to push her to really break down the barrier and make her as confident as she can be. I have noticed a huge change in G and I am so grateful that the teachers took the time and effort to help her, and it shows as her teacher even stated it in her report, her confidence has really grown this year. 

I am so so proud of G this year. She has done amazingly and I just can’t put it into words how impressed I am at how she has progressed at school. Her teacher said she is a friendly, caring, thoughtful girl who always behaves impeccably. This makes my heart literally burst. She always gives her best to learning. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I have always told her to try her best and her report was full of praise at her trying and succeeding. I don’t think she realises just how proud of her I am.

H has had a pretty bad year. Not him personally but just as a whole. At the start of the year he had a new teacher who unfortunalty only lasted 3 weeks. So with a supply teacher bought in, we finally felt like we had some kind of consistency. Until we were told she was actually leaving at Christmas. So January saw us with another new teacher. Luckily she has worked wonders and has managed to stick out the rest of the year. Unfortunately she won’t be staying on at the school, which is a real shame as she really is a lovely teacher and H has taken a huge liking to her.

I don’t think I managed the first sentence without tearing up, he is a quiet, shy, gentle child. You know then that its going to be a hard report to read. I have worried about H from day one of starting school. He is a sensitive little soul. Like his sister he lacks the confidence to really throw himself into it. He worries about making mistakes, I think he takes after his daddy. He is going to be a boy who aims for perfection, even though thats a good thing I worry that it could put him behind. At the moment he is sitting right where he should be.

The end of the report literally had me wiping away the tears, well done H, I know that you tend to worry about making mistakes, but remember mistakes are how we learn. Be brave and have a go. I am not sure why that got me, but I fully get why she wrote it. I think its also because I know how much H likes his teacher and I know she won’t be there to see him progress and see how she made a huge impact on him.

The end of the report has a little mention from the headteacher and G’s was basically about how much her confidence has grown and how proud she was of G for doing so well. H’s again was a tear jerking moment. Everyone comments on his big smile. How lovely it is; H, your little shy smile that you have always puts a smile on my face. This was just wonderful to read.

When I read such lovely things about two humans I have bought up and raising, I think maybe I am good at this parenting business. Maybe, just maybe I can do it, because, you know I always have doubts I am pretty rubbish. But at the moment, after reading both G and H’s reports I am thinking, this is the job for me, this is what I am good at.


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