With Moo starting school in less than 4 months we are starting to prepare her and talk about it more. Its scary stuff, and its really approaching fast!

We talk to her about getting her uniform which she believes is going to be pink, but obviously its not. Every time we walk past the school, she declares it hers and she gets, so excited. We tell her all her friends are going from play school, and as it is a one class in take they will all share the same class which I think is lovely.

In a few weeks we will do our first proper visit as a pupil, and then Moo will go back for a teddies bears picnic and then I will join her  for a school dinner, which I am sure that will bring back some memories!

Sometimes I forget where I am and she will ask me things and I will not realise the outcome of the answer, for instance a conversation we had on wednesday night, referring to my TB scar on my arm.

Mummy where did you get that from

You get that when you go to school

Yes that really was my answer, she looked at me in horror and gasped

I don’t want to go to school

She obviously had images of being branded as she entered the school gates! I tried to back track, but she was not having any of it! This child does not forget! The husband stepped in and we managed to divert the conversation to something else.

Its not so good to think that my little girl, the not so teeny tiny 10lb chunk who was placed in my arms back in 2008 will be starting school this year! In just a few months!



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  1. May 17, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    aww good luck for little Moo, it comes round so quick it’s shocking! xxxx

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