Pirate Pete’s Potty {What We’re Reading}

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This book is all you need when you are potty training! (ask me this again in 2 weeks I may say something different!)

Ive been reading it to Thor as we are at the stage where we will soon be training him, and he is loving it. I love the way the book goes through the whole process of picking out the potty, the pants, wee-ing and poo-ing. (and no mention of putting the potty on your head!)

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Thor loves the interaction this book has too, the single cheer button. We are continuously pressing it, and I think when we come to potty training for real, it will come in handy! He also chooses which potty he would like and which pants he prefers.

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This book has been a big hit, Thor loves it and I hope it will help when we come to train him (I have heard great things about it!) Even if it doesn’t help, the book is a great book all round, even Moo likes to have it read to her, she just chooses girly knickers for Pirate Pete to wear!

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