Parenting Struggles {Bedtime}

Ever since H was out of his cot and into a bed he has shared a room with his sister. It worked out really well when we lived in the flat but when we moved we tried separating them. After a few weeks we came to the decision that it was not working. H spent most nights in our bed and although it was nice to have a little cuddle with him, it meant restless nights and a grumpy mummy.

Once we put the bunk beds back together again all was well. Both Moo and H have been really good sleepers. H loves his sleep and would stay in bed till 9 if he could, maybe later. His sister is an early bird. Most days she will wake him and they will play together until they come and get us up.

The past few months have literally been hell, and I am really hoping its because of the lighter evenings. I am a stickler for routine and Moo does not cope well if she goes to bed late, especially on a school night. We tend to get them to bed by 7 and although that sounds early for some, if Moo stayed up later she would get herself into a tizz. H would play all night if he could!

Once they are in bed, and we have returned to the sofa, it tends to go to pot. A lot of running around and messing. H tends to crawl into his sisters bed and play with her toys, and Moo spends her time in the bathroom! There is only so much “get to bed” I can take, it becomes rather repetitive. What comes with messing around is late nights and sometimes they are still awake when I go to bed!! With late nights means stressful morning running around getting H out of bed ready for play school, and because H went to bed late he falls asleep at random times for hours on end!! Its a vicious circle at the moment.

Summer evenings are fantastic in a way that we get to spend them out in the garden till bedtime, but I hate the light. I am sure its the lighter evenings that have kicked started a downward spiral of bedtime disasters. I dread bedtime. Its a task in itself. Its a part of parenting that I am struggling with and I don’t like to struggle as I feel like a failure, like I cannot control what my children do.

I am just hoping that my thoughts of why its happening is true, that come winter they will reside back to there normal sleeping patterns and I will feel like a happier mummy again!


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