Pampering your little ones.. {Ethical skincare to keep them smiling}

Your little one’s happiness is perhaps the most important thing to you, and if your baby isn’t happy, my my they do let you know!

One of the easiest ways to keep your infant satisfied is by ensuring they sleep well. Now, a medley of irritants and environmental factors can disrupt your precious one’s slumber. If you think about yourself for a moment, what’s a good method for getting mum to sleep? A pampering bath is usually top of that list and it’s the same for a baby.

The science of perfect bath running

The first step when running your baby a bath should always be safety. Make sure you have everything you will need before popping your bundle in the bath, as you can’t leave your baby alone, not even for a moment. Secondly, get the temperature right – about 37°c. Bear in mind, you only want about five inches of water in the tub – and never let it rise above waist-height on older babies or toddlers. A good bubble bath can really help when it comes to post-bathing sleep. Earth Friendly baby organic bubble bath in lavender is a great option as it will leave baby’s skin feeling smooth and ready for mum to massage with a suitable cream. (Ethical Superstore)


Another factor that can greatly affect baby’s sleep, and overall temperament is nappy rash. Pampering them with the nicest soaks in the world will do no good if their bottom stings, therefore, an essential, ethical pamper item has to be a nappy cream.  Little Green Radicals organic nappy balm is infused with shea butter, and sunflower and lavender oil to protect against nappy rash while soothing and nourishing the skin. An instant mood lifter.


If you’re an expecting mum, or have just welcomed your new addition to the world, you might be lucky enough to have some pretty generous friends and family who can get their mitts on papering products for your baby. I’d make some serious hints towards this Highgrove organic baby hamper. (A tad pricey!)TOI00106

Although there are, of course more, affordable options available, a little luxury never hurt anyone though and maybe your friends could all pitch in if you had your heart set on the Highgrove set!


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