On The Mend

Its been a week since I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. To say its knocked me for six is an understatement. I feel like I have been ill for months. Its been a long few weeks, but today I finally feel and see light at the end of the dark gloomy tunnel I have been looking down! But I still have a way to go still..

I only really managed to get myself out of bed properly by wednesday, and Thursday was the first day I didn’t go back to bed! Yesterday I stopped my course of antibiotics. I am still short of breath and still have ¬†chesty cough and fighting to catch my breath sometimes but I am no-where near as bad as I was this time last week.

One thing I am dying to do is sniff that gorgeous spring air. Due to having flu first and it tying in with Moo being ill over the Easter holidays. I actually have not been out in over two weeks, (apart from a trip to the woods – which potentially was a BIG mistake) and have so far missed a weeks worth of glorious spring sunshine. Looking at it from my window is just not the same, and all these Facebook status’s of how lovely the weather is, is not making me feel better!

I am now hoping thats me done for illness now for the year, Ive had my fair share and quite frankly had enough of being ill!



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