Oh Pox…

Yes… Pox! Moo had a suspicious spot, a spot that looked like a pox… Of I trotted to the doctors as I was unsure, I didn’t know what pox looked like? I wasn’t going to keep her off play school if it wasn’t pox. I had google imaged what chicken pox looked like and goodness me, the horror pictures that popped up were just pretty awful, to the extreme in fact, hence the doctors trip! I find the doctors stressful on a normal trip but with two toddlers and a mummy with a bad back and being put in isolation was not a good combo. Moo and Thor were climbing the walls, literally, the doctor was running 40 minutes late and the swivel chair I was on was doing nothing for the back injury. Finally the name was called and I was in and out in a flash diagnosed with a little girl with a viral rash, RASH?!?! they look like spots to me!!! Of I trotted home with a crying 4 year old as she couldn’t go to play school. By the end of the week the spots seemed to be going. Off she went to play school. This weekend the spots have re-appeared with slight vengeance and I feel terrible knowing I sent her with pox, she must have had them last week, I should of just kept her off. I just took the advice of the medical profession and went with what they said. Luckily she has a mild dose just on her belly and back and I think by the end of the week she should be ok. She is rather upset she wont be going back to play school before the half term finishes, but all  in all I am just pleased she is ok! I will be making sure I wont be seeing that doctor again!


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