Nighttime Visitors {The Ordinary Moments}

For the past few months we have had a nighttime visitor. Sometimes its at 4am, sometimes its at 1am or it could be at 10pm.

Its hard to turn a weeping child away in the middle of the night, so for us its easier to let him crawl into bed. Half the time I don’t even realise he has crawled in next to us till I wake up at 6am. But there are times when like last week he came into the bed at 10pm and it was quite frankly the worst night ever. Waking every hour, being kicked, poked and slept on is not my idea of a decent nights sleep..

But…. When you wake up to this of a morning, it all seems to disappear and you forget about the restless sleep and having to share a bed with a little monster.


I am linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for her wonderful linky The Ordinary Moments

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  1. Carie
    December 8, 2014 / 12:27 am

    Aww! We get a little visitor too more often than not – H has threatened several times to wear his cricket pads to bed she can be so wrigglish!

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