Night #2 With Our New Addition!…

Lily had a better night last night! We decided we would keep her in the lounge as the previous night we let her have the run of the flat, apart from the kiddos bedroom of course. She was at a bit of a loss and miaowed a lot, kept me awake so I thought thats it, she can stay in the lounge and have that and the kitchen! So after Moo and Thor went to bed we bought her in with us and showed her the kitchen, again, she had a little wander and an explore around and then came for a cuddle and a stroke with me. She then jumped up onto the windowsill and stayed there for the evening! When I woke this morning she was still there she had managed to eat some food. She stayed there for some of the morning, made her way down and had another little wander once the Moo and Thor were out of sight, she then made a dash for cover under the bed, and Im guessing she will be there most of the day now! She is getting better at coming out, Thor scares the living daylights out of her I think, he is a bit over excited about her at the moment! BUT he has managed to learn her name and screeches LILY!!! every time she comes within his sight! Moo, on the other hand just wants to stroke her all the time!





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