– Mummy Guilt –

Mummy guilt is not a nice feeling. As I type this I am feeling pretty terrible. Not only am I still recovering from my operation, I have severe mummy guilt.

Motherhood is hard and sometimes its really difficult to distinguish the truth and the exaggeration. As I left the playground this morning the guilt rushed over me like a wave and now I am sat here wanting 3pm to arrive so I can go and pick Moo up and squeeze her tightly.

This morning I was mean and not a nice mummy. Normally this guilt hits me at bed-time but now I am on my own and am just looking after myself during the day its hit me earlier. I may of shouted at her a lot and I may of not been the best mummy I could of been. I did apologise to her and I did give her a cuddle before school, but I am now thinking that wasn’t enough. I should of sat down with her and I should of cuddled her more tightly. I should of kissed her and I should of handled the situation a lot better than I did.

Its too late now, and the more I dwell on it, the worse I am going to feel.

Why is mummy guilt so awful?

3 thoughts on “– Mummy Guilt –”

  • I think it’s because we love them so much. When we behave less than perfect, we feel like we are letting them down. A friend once said to me that I was a good mum because I cared – feeling guilty shows you care! Mummy guilt also hits me at night when the kids have gone to bed – so many things I could have done differently. My motto is to always apologise when I do something wrong – this lets your kids see you are human and aware of your mistakes. However, it actually makes me feel more guilty when they are so understanding and say “that’s okay, mum”. Don’t beat yourself up – you did the right thing by saying sorry and I bet you that’s all she will remember about this morning! I also have an adult friend who laughs so hard about the things his mum did to him – punishments and shouting. He thinks it is hilarious, but his mum used to cry at the time thinking how much she’d let him down. This always gives me hope that they will turn out just fine!

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