Moo and Her Hearing…

Yesterday we found out Moo has to have an operation, my thoughts and feelings are at there most vulnerable at the moment..

Moo shouts a lot, I mean every minute of the day. We would always say “oh its the B gene” But when she failed her hearing test I knew it wasn’t just the B gene in her..

Several more attempts of her hearing test and still nothing. She complained she couldn’t hear the teacher anymore and I decided to put my foot down on the final hearing test and said something needed to be done.

I find myself repeating myself over and over and I find myself being ignored, a lot! I now know why, she really cannot hear a thing!! Her ears are so blocked with fluid it was no surprise she failed her hearing tests.

As much as I am pleased that something is going to be done, I find myself so anxious about the whole procedure. I now know what a grommit looks like as I had googled the image beforehand and I was horrified that they were so big! But they are not, in fact they are so minute that if you dropped it on the floor I doubt very much you would be able to find it again!

I thought we would have a long 8 weeks wait so it would prepare me for it but as soon as I was back from the hospital yesterday I was called with a cancellation, so in just over two weeks we will be heading to the hospital!

 Moo is now aware of what is going to happen thanks to the consultant who went into great detail of what was going to happen! I am going to leave it, and not mention it too her again as children really don’t have sense of time, she still talks about it being after christmas and I really do not want to break the news its sooner than she thinks!

I am hoping the next few weeks zoom past. Its a worry, the thought of Moo being put to sleep just scares me so much and the worry thats there will not leave until its over with. I know once its done we can give a sigh of relief and hope that she will be able to hear better than she does now!

Children are a worry, from the moment you fall pregnant, you worry, no one prepares you for that worrying feeling! Its really not nice but its all part of parenthood!


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  1. November 25, 2014 / 10:56 am

    I am so sorry you’ve had such a lot of worry lately. It’s so hard to know with kids if they’re just ignoring you or can’t actually hear you, so it’s great that you’ve caught the problem early on. Hopefully the surgery will correct things for Moo and she (and you!) will be able to enjoy Christmas.

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