Making A Splash {Muddy Puddles}

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Some people dread the end of summer after having had loads of fun getting out and about with their little ones during the unusually sunny summer months this year,  playing in the park, going for picnics, to the beach, and generally enjoying the warm temperatures.

Well not me! One of my favourite things to do with my little kiddo’s is to get out and to go exploring in the woods. We don’t stay stuck indoors on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we get stuck in!

So don’t let a downpour rain on your parade. If you’re feeling blue about the start of September, read these tips for having more fun in the rain:

Get Galosh’d 

While I’m all for having fun in the rain, something I’m definitely not advocating is getting wet and cold. Because of this, I’d say it’s definitely worth splashing out on some rain gear for both you and the kids – the sillier the better!

Your first must-have is a pair of waterproof boots. I’ve seen these lovely girls wellies from this selection of girls wellies at the aptly named Muddy Puddles, I am sure Moo will love them, even when it’s not raining!  Other essentials include a bright raincoat or novelty poncho, and little umbrellas to make them feel oh-so grown-up.

Get Competitive 

Don’t chastise your children for jumping in puddles – join them! Turn creating the biggest splash a competition, or give credit for the most complicated puddle dancing routine. Your kids will love seeing your silly side and stomping through puddles is surprisingly invigorating.

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Capture the moment

Taking photos in the rain… with kids? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Wrong! Store a few waterproof disposable cameras in your bag – try Boots for some options which won’t break the bank – ready for the next day and give your youngsters the opportunity to capture their day in the rain all by themselves.

The rain provides a chance to photograph water droplets running down the windows, beautiful rainbows and even puddle reflections. Who knows, you might just have a budding photographer on your hands!

So with these simple tips you could have fun making a splash too with you kiddo’s once the summer is over!

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