Light At The End Of The {Poxy} Tunnel…

6 days in and I think finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…. For now anyway {I am pre-empting that the little boy will get it any day now}

Its been a horrid few days, with a mad dash to out of hours at 10:30pm Saturday night. I really didn’t think chicken pox could be so horrid.

Moo, unfortunately had them everywhere. It was pretty horrid if I say so my self. She has managed to cope with it really well. A few breakdowns and lots of itchy induced tears, but on the whole its been ok.

The stressful times are now. The spots are starting to scab which means all is good and soon she can go out. Being stuck in, is not only driving Moo crazy its driving me insane! Staring at the same 4 walls every minute of the day is not doing me or the children any good.

Moo’s is bored and is starting to play up and be rude. I try my damn hardest to ignore it, but a persistent 5 year old can get a little too much, especially when you have been stuck in doors for 7 straight days. Its hard trying to discipline her when she is screaming “Im ill, you need to be nice to me”

Moo is supposed to return to school Friday, I doubt very much I will send her {as much as I would like to, for her sake!} She has been on antibiotics for a chest infection {yes, on top of the pox!} and she is still a little wheezy and will not complete the full course till then, so I made the decision to keep her off till next Monday.

I have run out of activities and the christmas toys have had a good testing. I know she is dying to get back to school, asking every day if its open and when will she see her friends {those friends also have chicken pox!}

I am in need of a few hours child free! Its tough being a full time stay at home mum, especially when they are ill! Sometimes things get on top of you and you need to step back and take time out.

If my motherly instinct tells me, then its only a matter of days before spots appear on the little boy. I can’t imagine that he will escape this horrid nightmare that is chicken pox! If he does then he is a very lucky boy!


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