In just a few short weeks {week and a half to be exact!} My gorgeous girly will no longer be an infant school pupil. This makes me sad, the three years that she has been in the infants of her school have literally flown by and I still cannot believe that she will be heading into the juniors after the six week break.

It only feels like last week I was packing her off to reception but now I will be packing her off too year three. Over the last three years she has blossomed into a bright, clever, sometimes moody, little girl and I could not be prouder. She is full of questions about life and she is constantly wanting to learn. She loves school and I am not entirely sure how she will cope with having six weeks off!

Next year is all change, not only will she be a junior but she will also get a male teacher! She was not keen at first but she is now so excited as he makes maths fun and is apparently really funny! I met him last week and yes he is lovely and left a good impression, he spoke about his previous schools and how excited he was to be starting afresh in a new school next year. Its always good when you get a teacher who is enthusiastic about their work.

G has blossomed so much this year and has really settled in to her friendship groups. She is so sensitive so if something happens she will worry about it until it is sorted. She is always asking for reassurance, asking if she is doing things correctly and sometimes she just needs a push and a little confidence boost. She always asks if she is unsure and that something I never did, I just got on with it and that was a big downfall on my part when I was younger. I always tell her to ask and she has got a lot better over the last few years and her current teacher has praised her at how confident she has become in the classroom.

I really want time to slow down just a little, so I can take in these early school years. The foundations of kick starting their school journey. I want her to remember these early days, I see her, and I see a young girl standing in front of me. It really is speeding past at the rate of knots and I am not liking the fact that I feel like I am blinking and time is flashing.. Unlike her brother I know G is ready, she has been ready all year and I could not be more prouder that I am her mummy, she will flourish in year 3 and I cannot wait to see her strive.




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