Its Half Term…

I normally read all the Facebook updates of

Thank god its half term! I get a lay in!

No school run for a whole week!

To be honest, the wake up call of 6.30am does not bother me. The play school run does not bother either, its a 2 minute walk for me! I don’t know why some mums complain about term times as half the time come mid week of the holiday, its..

CHRIST…. I have had enough!!! Get my child back to school!

I have not been out in, well two weeks! so I am going to relish this fact and I am going to get out and about this half term and actually have a conversation with people! Plus Moo and Thor will get to see their cousins that they have not seen in weeks, due to the fact I have not driven. Its going to be a busy half term!



  1. February 16, 2013 / 11:30 am

    yes the joys of half term have only just begun! x

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