– Happy Halloween –


Halloween is never a holiday I celebrated as a child. I don’t feel I missed out on much to be honest, I wasn’t keen on knocking on peoples houses asking for sweets. It didn’t bother me that I didn’t celebrate it.. if anything I was scared of the prospect of going out.

As the years have gone on celebrating Halloween has become more of a “thing” in the UK and the shops grab onto the idea and cash in. Since having children I have become a little relaxed on it and last year was the first year I and the the children had ever gone Trick or Treating.

We dressed up {which is definitely something I am very wary of, what with the awful accident in the news last year} and we went knocking on peoples door. We went to my in-laws and they have a whole row of houses that really do go to town. Moo was scared as I knew she would be by a few and even I was a little jumpy at some. The homeowners went to town and not only gave away sweets, but were giving away {what I call} pocket money toys. Moo and H came away with buckets full to the brim! We planned to do the same this year but unfortunately Mr B had to work and I didn’t want to do it on my own {yes I am a meany!}

I did agree to buy sweets and carve pumpkins and open the door to those that knocked. We live in a quiet road and I am hoping we do get people knocking as Moo and H are so excited at the prospect of handing out sweets! If not then we have a bucket load of sweets to get through!


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