Growing Up Too Fast…

5 years ago yesterday I told everyone that I was having a baby. I am sitting here today with that baby sitting next to me, snuggling up close to me, not so little any more.

I sometimes wonder where the last 5 years have gone. The 9 months I carried Moo went reasonably quickly, their was lots going on, and before I knew it she was being placed in my arms. Now in a few months time I will be waving her off at the school gates. We have our moments, but like any 4 year old going on 5 who doesn’t throw the odd paddy now and then?

Yesterday, she gave me a lovely mothers day card which she hand picked herself, those are the best, as to be honest they are so unexpected. She wrote her own name and finally managed to get that certain letter round the right way, which I have been trying to teach her for a while now. She is doing and learning so much more now. She amazes me in what she says and does daily.

Sometimes I wish moments like this would slow down, time does pass too quickly and lately it feels like I am blinking and its flashing away before my eyes!

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