I cannot quite believe that I have a four year old. I am not entirely sure where the last four years have gone, I am always saying time needs to slow down and I am certain now that it really does need to.

H was so excited for weeks about his birthday, he has been letting me and Mr B know everything he wanted and whenever an advert came on the TV it was always “I want that, I want that for my birthday mummy”

I remember that day I went into hospital to have him like it was yesterday. After a few problems, he was actually let out 3 days after I had him. I remember bathing him and tucking him into the moses basket. Moo ran into the room and completely bypassing him. She asked where he was and once she realised she couldn’t take her eyes of him.

Its sped past, it only feels like yesterday I had him. It only feels like yesterday we became a family of four. I often feel extremely guilty because I seem to remember quite a lot of Moo’s first years and although I remember all of H’s milestones, I seem to have forgotten the baby stage. It seems like he has become a little boy rather quickly, too quickly.

Turning four is a huge milestone, its the age he leaves play school and becomes a proper little boy and starts school. I have a huge mix of emotions about the coming months and although its a massive step, I just wish it was not happening just yet.

He has accomplished so much in the four years already. He has taken it in his stride and he really does try his best at everything he does {minus the tiding up!} He is a confident, happy, loving, caring, funny little boy and I am so glad I can call him mine and he can call me his. He is most definitely a mummies boy and unlike his sister, is a big fan of cuddles.

In just over 5 months I will have a four and a seven year old. I am in denial that this is ever possible. It really cant be true. I really wish time would slow down, just so I can take everything in, I am scared to blink, because if I do they will be grown up before I know it….


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  1. June 22, 2015 / 12:53 pm

    Oh gosh i totally know what you mean. I hope H has a fantastic 4th birthday! Xx

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