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I wrote about Moo’s favourite teddy a while back, Flopsy. She was attached from the word go, the moment we gave it to her (it was in fact a present from someone). Thor was bought a Jellycat teddy by the grandparents when he was born and I love it, so soft and I was hoping that would be his beloved companion like  Flopsy bear was to his sister, he had other ideas though!

The past few weeks he has adopted one of his sisters bears, become so attached to it he gets upset if its taken away, he goes to bed with it, has to go in the car with it, and when he wakes, he walks in the lounge holding the leg of this teddy, runny the head of it along the floor.

Moo is not impressed as its her teddy. Before you ask, its not Flopsy! She has had this teddy for most her of life and even takes him to the show and tell and play school! (I should really buy I substitute for Thor!)

Thor watches the TV programme intently when I hum him the song he tried his damn hardest to hum it back to me! He is so close to saying teddies name too! If all has gone quiet I will know where to find him, on the sofa, with teddy in hand, watching the TV!




  1. February 22, 2013 / 11:50 am

    awww so cute, looks like iggle piggle! remember him well! xxx

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