These last few days as a parent has been hugely testing for me. One 5 year old that is persistent in what she does has pushed me to my limit and I have struggled to cope as a parent.

I feel like a complete and utter failure as a parent and as a mother.

Moo has hit rock bottom with her moods, attitude and general kindness.

I don’t know how to cope with them and I am sat here whilst I have 3 hours to myself, feeling guilty, sad and miserable.

I shouted a lot, I put her in her bedroom, she retaliated by being mean to her brother.

I have banned things, taken things away, and I am the bad guy.

Bedtimes are not fun anymore, I struggle to get her to sleep like I used too and now it could take 2 hours for her to even go to sleep! Which, you guessed it leaves me a tired, foul mood 5 year old the next day. Its a vicious circle, and a vicious circle I am not liking.

There have been tears from not only the 5 year old but from the 30 year old mother.

Its hard being a parent sometimes…

8 thoughts on “Failure…”

  • It really is very, very hard a lot of the time and I think only other mums appreciate that.

    My husband has witnessed the odd tantrum here and there from Bubs but he doesn’t know what it’s like to deal with them all day, every day. Bedtime is a huge battleground that I start dreading around about dinner time.

    So I’m sending you virtual hugs and support from one stressed out and weepy mum to another.


  • Hugs lovely. We have had a similar few weeks with Mads a couple of weeks ago, I know she is younger at only three but I was finding it really hard to cope with the constant whining, crying and bad behaviour. They are only young and they are just learning as much as we are learning at parenting. Have a big bar of chocolate and a glass of wine when she has gone to bed tonight and remember that you are most definitely not a failure. We all have days/weeks/months like this. x

  • I am reading this having just shouted at my 4 year old for playing in her room after I’ve put her to bed. She’s also just woken her little sister who’s just moved into a cot. My point? You’re not alone, I promise you. And you have not failed. Our 4 year old is charm one minute and defiant the next. Kids push the boundaries constantly and it is exhausting. My perspective comes when childless friends visit and comment on how patient I am. I’m far from it but in their eyes, with the way the kids test me, it’s all relative and I’m a Saint in their eyes. You are too. Now, have a glass of wine ;0)

  • It’s not failure, it’s just adjusting to a new phase – and as soon as you’ve got that one sorted she’ll have moved on to something new….! We all go through days when it seems like an impossible task, and days where we’re super mum, it’s remembering the super mum days when you’re on the other half of the parenting see-saw that’s so horribly hard! Just keep reminding yourself of one lovely thing that’s still working and you’ll get through it.

  • I’ve had an awful time with my 3yo I even blogged about it to get it out tbh. I shout too much but you know what! They are pushing and testing, looking for reactions and by god they get them from me! I’m trying to pretend I don’t care. It is finally paying off, if my son is being silly in bed I don’t cross as he doesn’t listen (well I do but I hold it in!) I walk away. In the day I carry on until he talks to me properly, until my daughter realises that she won’t get anywhere until she’s polite or stops whinging.
    Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up it’s bloody tough xx

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