Doll Making…

In my last post I mentioned about Moo loving all things arts and crafts and she pulled this out of her arty box and with big blue eyes asked to make it with me.

doll box

It was fairly simple, I had to stitch a part of the dress, but Moo enjoyed watching me make the doll! I must admit, there is no way a 4 year old would be able to create and make this, (its says 4months on the box!! I wouldn’t even give it to my 4 month old, there are some small parts to it) but she helped pass me the correct items and hold things down for me when needed. She was a great little apprentice! She has called the princess Molly and promptly told me that after Molly had been finished being poked and prodded by me the princess needed a rest and she is now tucked up in bed!

doll prep



doll snooze

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