Daddies Girl…

I always look at Moo and think, she is a proper daddies girl. If she hurts herself and daddy is around, its him she goes too. If she just wants a cuddle and has to choose between me and daddy, its daddy she chooses. If we are out and about and she has to choose whose hand to hold its always daddies.  I am not sure why, but I guess its because, I am at home all the time and daddy isn’t, she chooses daddy, because she has me most of the time.

I sometimes feel a pang of sadness when this happens, like I have been discarded, when she cries, I want to comfort her, I want to pick her up and squeeze her till she is better. When daddy is at work, I manage to get all the cuddles I want from her. I always get the look in and its me she asks for, until I tell her off, she then refuses the cuddles and kisses.

I always think Moo will be a daddies girl. I always think she will ask for daddy. Its so lovely to watch them together. Playing and larking around. The relationship they have is so special I I love watching it grow. Its a completely different kind of relationship I have seen before and I am looking forward to witnessing it grow further.

Even though I cut daddies head off in this picture, I adore it. I took it after waiting in the rain, for a train and Moo was not best keen. She didn’t want to sit next to me, she wanted to sit with her dad. I love the way she os holding him tightly as reassurance and comfort.

She is definitely a daddies girl at heart…


3 thoughts on “Daddies Girl…”

    • It’s so wonderful to watch and like you I didn’t have that when I was younger {I have managed to grasp a daddy daughter bond back though, which means so much to me} sometimes I wish I had it when I was younger. It’s really hard to watch sometimes but I am so thankful Moo has it xx

  • This is a beautiful post. It’s such a special relationship and it’s lovely to see that they have such a close bond. Don’t feel left out! There’s some things only Mum can do!

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