Being An Egg Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be…

My shopping was delivered this morning, as the delivery driver hauled the several hundred shopping bags up the stairs (2nd floor flat! – saves me hauling them up the stairs!) she gives me a bag

Your eggs madam, they managed to survive the trip

Great! I sign, we say our goodbyes. Moo declares she wishes to help with the bags, like every Friday. I head off to the kitchen with several bags. Moo comes in

Here mum, I have a bag for you!

she declares as she throws it at me, baseball style, it lands on the tiled floor, with a crack,

oooo that didn’t sound good mummy

she laughs as she runs runs off.

No it didn’t, the eggs did not in fact survive the trip thanks to my four year olds fantastic ball throw.


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