Back To School Preparations…

This year will be the first year I have to buy 2 sets of uniform! The pound signs are flashing before my eyes! I am not looking forward to battling the shops, so this year I have compiled a list of everything I need and from the shops I will need to get them from so I am fully prepared! I am hoping it will also help you, to remember all the bits you need too!


  1. Blue Cardigan {2} 2. Pinafores {2} 3. Gray Skirts {4} 4. White shirts {4} 5. Knee length socks {1 pack} 6. Gray tights {2 packs} 7. Shoes {kickers} 8. White socks {1 pack}

Moo specifically asked this year for skirts. She also specifically asked for patent shoes, now I am  to a fan of patent shoes, but I have compromised and have found these cute Kickers that are half and half. I have to get a few bits from the school shop which sells the PE kit. I think I have everything covered for Moo!


  1. Grey trousers {4} 2. Polo Shirts {2} 3. White shirts {4} 4. Blue jumper {2} 5. Pants {1 pack} 6. Dark grey socks {1 pack} 7. Shoes {Kickers}

This is the first time I am shopping for H and no doubt there will be a few mistakes. I also have to purchase his PE kit, PE bag, Book Bag, School Tie.

Then its all the small things like packed lunch boxes, hair accessories and coats! It really is never ending.


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