And So It Begins… {The Little Boy}

I actually didn’t think it would come round this quickly, but on Saturday I found my self hitting the potty training stage. I tried a few months ago briefly and again in September but I didn’t keep it up and found my patience with it just was not there. I have one child that has trouble with going for a number 2 and another who can poo up to 4x maybe 6x a day! So the thought of potty training just out of the equation.


Saturday I decided to hit in on the head and start. 1st poo out the way and I put some pants on. It was all rather funny at first! I explained what had to be done, moved the potty into the lounge so it was accessible. Luckily the husband had taken Moo out so I could put my full attention on the task ahead. I waited and waited but nothing was happening. I kept asking if he needed a wee wee or poo poo but nothing.

Then a panicked little boy starting crying. I knew instantly what had happened but, I just quickly cleaned him up and then explained what the potty was  for. This is when the fun begins. That first accident was what he needed I think to push him to ask me.

By Saturday evening we and managed to produce 5 Wee’s on the potty with 2 accidents. Sunday he woke and instantly asked to go on the potty, where he managed to do the longest wee ever! He chuckled the whole time. Pants on and the fun began again.

We popped out in the morning but I put a nappy on him as I was not risking any messy business while we were out!

Yesterday was a huge success and we went without any hiccups. Today we and a hiccup in the morning, he couldn’t make it to the potty on time but since, he has asked me every time. He even managed to do a poo!

As he is so unaware of whats going on, and its all new to him, he is constantly asking to sit on the potty, not always producing anything, but I love the way when he does, he will call to me and say “muuuummmmmyyyyy, look” with a huge grin on his face, he will then jump of the potty and stick his little chest out, and quietly says, “I did it mummy, look” I scoop him up and give him a loud cheer.

I can honestly say the first day is always the hardest. I “think” he now knows what to do, the mornings at the moment are a bit hit and miss, but for day 3 I think my clever little boy is doing extremely well!


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  1. mummydaddyme
    November 18, 2013 / 10:17 pm

    Aw bless him! Sounds like it is going well so far. Good luck with it all. x

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