All About The Tooth, Bout The Tooth…

A few weeks ago, Moo lost her very first tooth.. It was highly dramatic and it lasted a few days. In fact it was boxing day, I remember as we were all saying how wonderful it would be for the tooth fairy to visit over christmas.

Mo wiggled and wobbled this tooth till it was hanging, but was then to scared to push it that one bit further to realise it from its home. In the end she begged me to give it a little tug and with a few tears and panic screams of its going to hurt it was out, with our her even realising. She was still screaming at me to get it out and I had it firmly in my hand.

I actually got quite upset, seeing Moo so scared and panicked. I gave her the biggest hug and cried like a baby. I cried because its proof that she is growing up, she is no longer the baby I held in my arms 6 years ago.

Once the hugging was over with I showed Moo the tooth and me and the husband were shocked at how small it was! It was the tiniest tooth I had ever seen!


Today we had another little meltdown.. I can’t eat food with my tooth, please do something mummy, Mr B wasn’t keen but I had a look and she demanded she wanted it out.. Again it was hanging, don’t you just hate that hanging stage? Where its attached to one tiny bit of gum? With a little help it was agin firmly in my hand with a panicked Moo still going on about wanting it out!

IMG_9267 IMG_9266 IMG_9268

Now this tooth was completely different from the first! It was a little bigger but still tiny but it was in the biggest space possible! Now Moo has by the looks of it a space for two teeth to come through! {I know that won’t happen!} It is so large it covers the space below and the space next to it! I am hoping its not going to be housing a huge tooth once re-grown!

She is so excited about the return of the Tooth Fairy tonight and me? I am still gutted that my baby girl is growing up so fast!

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