A New School Term Begins…

Moo isn’t particularly a fan of school at the moment and now we have returned its become increasingly difficult to get her there.  After our little date day on Monday, its kicked started “I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay with you” episode in the playground. This morning it was “My head hurts” with a very glum look on her face. Its difficult to know if she is actually telling the truth, or its a ply to get home for some snuggles! I think that after our little meltdown yesterday it was a ploy…

Yesterday she came home and I was so proud of her, she is becoming so much better at reading and has come along way since starting year one in September. Over the past couple of months the rate that Moo is moving up in book colours is astonishing and she is so fluent  when reading it astounds me. Moo was not entirely impressed she moved up and we had a few {read lots} of tears when I sat down and told her how well she is doing. She said she would find it difficult to read the smaller words and she didn’t want to move up. I explained, the teachers would not have move her up  if she wasn’t ready and asked her to give it a go, cue stroppy face and more tears. I did eventually get 8 pages out of her and she did so well! Struggled with a few words, but yet again was so fluent in what she was reading.

This morning, I had a little word with the class teacher and assistant and apparently Moo stressed her worries to the teacher yesterday and she was told the same thing as I had said, if she wasn’t ready they would not moved her up.. They were so reassuring towards her and told her she was more than ready to go up as she was doing so well.

School is such a worry, I worry all day about Moo, she isn’t entirely confident in herself and likes everything to be the same. H starts school this year, and although they will not be together most of the day, Moo cannot wait for him to start.. She asks me daily when will it be, I know she misses him, he misses her and I think it will be good for them both to be there together. I don’t think I would worry as much!


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