A Mothers Worry…

Today is pre-op day for little H.. Its a weird feeling I have, I don’t want to leave him and I am scared for him.

When Moo had her operation on her ears, she knew what was happening. I explained everything to her as best as I could. She was full of questions and although I left out the injection bit she handled it really well. As I walked out of the room as she was fighting the sleepy drug I choked up and thought to my self, I could not put H through this. H is different, he is my baby and he is so small compared to Moo.

H is having something entirely different done and its a longer healing process and one I am not looking forward too. H is unaware of what is to come. I have tried to explain but he refuses to believe it and just thinks he is going to see a doctor. I don’t want to see him in recovery like I saw his sister. She was distraught and I couldn’t do anything to help her. I was a blubbering mess and I can’t control my emotions when I think of H having to go through it.

I keep relaying Moo’s operation round in my head which she had in December and I just can’t come to terms with H having to have one.. Its important he has it done it will be so much better for him but I just need a little nudge to say                  everything will be ok

Once its done, thats it, hopefully they both will never have to have any kind of operation again! Its stressful, the waiting is stressful, and now we are so close to D-Day it seems to be going rather slowly!

When I set out to be a parent, I didn’t think things like this would happen, I just thought I would have a child and everything would be ok and we could get on with life with no problems. But these little hiccups just make us all stronger and hopefully make life easier.

Its just not fair, not fair on Moo, or H to have to be put through it.. 


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