– A Letter To H –

Oh my handsome little boy. Your second day of school and it wasn’t what we both expected. A sorrow face and a few tears slipping down your cheek. I really didn’t think it would be this bad.

All summer I have prepared you for your big day and although on your first day we had no tears {from you} your second day didn’t go to plan. I feel terrible that I have to prize myself away from you. I feel awful that I have to leave you in the care of others. Its hard and I really am at a loss when I return home.

Today you clung to me, you had my ankle wrapped in your tiny hand and you held it tight. I couldn’t move as you wouldn’t let me. I spoke softly into your ear, to calm you but no words were helping. I couldn’t stay and the more I tried to let you go the tighter the grip.

The grip loosened and I was able to move away, but your eyes doubled in size and they filled with watery tears. It was hard, it was so hard to leave you but I knew once I left the classroom it would all be ok. Your teacher is an amazing teacher and I know he has everything under control. I peered through the window and you stared back, a tear running down your cheek, your finger in your mouth and your eyes wide. I waved and you gave a tiny wave back. Oh its heart wrenching to say goodbye.

I am sat typing this, knowing that you are probably enjoying yourself and not giving me a second thought. I want you to know, that you and your sister are all I think about all day, I wonder what you are doing, what you are learning and what friends you are making. I long for pick up, as I know that I will get the biggest hug from you, the biggest squeeze that I have been longing for all day.



  1. September 8, 2015 / 12:13 pm

    Oh honey sending you big *hugs*. I hope little H will have a better drop off tomorrow and that this was just a once off. As it was so hard on the both of you by the sounds of it.xx

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