– A Birthday Girls Wish-List –

Moo will be seven is just a short few weeks. I am still wracking my brain as to how its all happened so quickly! A few weeks ago, we gave her a toy catalogue and she happily circled all the toys she could possibly wish for. She is now eager to see what she will get.


  1. Dressing Gown {Marks and Spencers} She has been asking for a new one for ages!
  2. Shopkins, anyone with a child who likes to collect will have heard of Shopkins. They are addictively fun little characters
  3. Micro Scooter
  4. Lego Friends PopStars {Moo WANTS this, she has been going on about it ever since she saw it advertised!}
  5. Frozen Figurines. Moo is still Frozen mad and loves to collect little figures, these are perfect and they finally have the whole set to buy
  6. Tsum Tsum, at first I wasn’t a fan of these, more cuddly toys to clog up the bed, but actually these are really cute and again a nice little collectors item
  7. CareBear
  8. My Little Pony Equestrian Girls
  9. Lego Friends PopStars

I am so excited for her birthday this year. She has been asking about it lots and we are now officially on countdown. I still cannot believe how we are at her seventh birthday already, it only feels like yesterday I was having her!


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