6 Years!!! Where Has The Time Gone…

This weekend me and the husband are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary! We are going out… Having a date night… Whit Woo!…. Child free! The husbands parents are coming over and looking after them and we are going out and having dinner, we are going out and having a meal together without shouting at children to eat theirs up, or to sit still, or to behave at the table… I CANT WAIT! Last year I tried a curry for the first time, in all the 29 years I have been alive… yes its a shocker! It was most undoubtedly the worst thing I could of possibly done, because I now love a curry and at every opportunity I am pestering the husband to get a takeaway, most times it results in a firm NO! so I end up having to make it! But Saturday we are dining out in the ole family favourite curry house which I am yet to try out! Its not often I go out but when I do, I get oh so excited!

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