5 Easy Tips On Helping Your Child Sleep…

We’ve all been there. Counting down the hours till the kids are tucked up and settled in bed. However, getting your kids off to sleep without incident is easier said than done. A good night’s sleep for your child equals a good night’s sleep for you, so everybody wins. Here are 5 tips to help ease your child into slumber.

 Find a routine that works.

Planning ahead is essential to preparing your child for slumber. At about 5PM you want to start planning your course of action. Try giving your child a warm bath in the evening followed by a story they like to hear. Kids spend too much time looking at screens nowadays, so try to unplug before bed time. Why not turn the TV off and play a board game? It may sounds old fashioned but it works! The important thing is to remain consistent.  Repeat your routine every night and your child will come to associate these activities with bed time.

Have an active day

Beware the kids’ holidays! School does a fantastic job at tiring the kids out but it’s very easy to fall into a lazy routine when an early morning rise isn’t essential. Ensure your child has a long and active day so they actually have a reason to be tired. Get them out with their friends, play some sports, go for a day trip. If all they’re doing is staying in and watching cartoons they may be harder to persuade to bed.

Food and drink

Caffeine is a major culprit in keeping your children awake at night. That sudden burst of hyperactive energy right before bed can be avoided by eating and drinking the right things.

Try to avoid having dinner any later than three hours before bed. Eating late raises their metabolic rate and the digestion process can keep them awake. Instead, have them eat foods rich in vitamin B and magnesium. Foods such as nuts, raisins, whole grains, eggs and dark green fish are the key. A warm glass of milk doesn’t go a miss either.

Family Corner have an excellent guide on eating right for sleep if you’d like to learn more.

Bed guards

If your child is prone to waking up or falling out of bed in the middle of the night as a result of nightmares then you may want to invest in some bed guards. Nightmares aren’t something to worry about but having a guard in place to help comfort your child gives everyone peace of mind. Safetots do a number of excellent bed guards that are perfect for transitioning a toddler from their cot to a cotbed or bed.

Keep the routine going

It can be very easy to lose that sense of routine at the weekends. Do this and you’ll have an uphill struggle to reassemble it again. Keep the early mornings rolling from the school week and try not be too soft when letting the kids stay up late on the weekend. Keep this up and you can send to kids to snoozeville without incident night after night.

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