2013 was a good year. There are so many memories that I shall never forget, somethings that happened I shall never do again!

Mummy’s Memories made

– Visting The shard

– Our first camping holiday

– Learnt to crochet

– Made my first blanket

– Packed Moo of to school

– Turning 30

– Summer days out

– Finally getting to grips with The Walking Dead

– Watching Moo in her first school nativity

– Watching the little boy do so well at potty training

Moo’s memories made (from the little girls own mouth)

– Starting school

– Making new friends

– Having a good christmas

– Having her first birthday party

– Getting ice-cream at the beach with daddy on holiday

– Going to Legoland

– Playing the star in the nativity

The Little Boys memories made

– being potty trained

– Getting his wooden train track

– Finally became stable on his feet after a long wait!

– Turning 2

– Enjoying watching “boys” TV now Moo is at school

– Cuddles with mummy

Obviously I couldn’t ask the little boy what he has most enjoyed about this year, but Moo told me each and everyone of hers. Some were a bit random like going to McDonalds, going to the

The husband wasn’t asked as he would more than likely just shrug his shoulders! These are just some of the memories made. I am going to do a bucket list for next year and I am most definitely going to stick to it. We already have lots planned and I am so looking forward to 2014!

Happy New Year!


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