One of my favourite Vlogs to watch are monthly favourites. I love having the recommendation of something from others. I’ve actually taken up some of the recommended favourites from Vloggers, and they have fast become mine.

I have decided to do a monthly favourites post myself and just maybe there will be a monthly favourites Vlog from non other than me! I have been toying with the idea of Vlogging for quite a while. Not all the time as I am pretty self conscious at how I come across. Just a monthly round up and possibly one other video. Without too much waffling about what could be, here is my favourite items this month.

This month I have really been trying to sort my skin out. I am really terrible for not removing make-up of a night which tends to leave me with greasy oily skin. So I have been making a conscious effort to remove it and cleanse and tone. Now I didn’t want to spend loads of money on expensive products so I just popped in some cheap toner and cleanser when I went shopping. Now I am really impressed with this and I have really noticed a difference since using it. My skin feels nourished and hydrated.

Next up in beauty is this gorgeous LoReal Lipstick. Now I have experimented with quite a few bold colours and I do become pretty self conscious when wearing bright colours. But I am trying to be better and keep them on. I actually wore this lipstick on the school run the other day and I had quite a few people say what a lovely colour it was. Its colour is Rogue Red and I purchased it from Boots. Its part of the LoReal Gold collection.

Last month was all about the sandals, and even though I have still managed to wear them this month, I have been wearing my Chelsea Boots a lot more. The switch over from sandals to boots is pretty depressing as its a sign summer is no longer here, but its been nice to style the boots with chunky jumpers and skinny jeans!

A few months ago Aldi made their own versions of the Jo Malone candles and every week I have been slipping some into my trolly to stock up over the winter. They have three scents No1, No2 and No3. I prefer No1 and No2, I am really not keen on No3. I have them burning in my kitchen and they smell gorgeous.

Also in my kitchen is my most favourite purchase for it. My Emma Bridgewater DAB radio. I adore it and I am so glad I finally purchased one last christmas. My husband said I would never use it, how wrong was he! Its used  every day. I tend to be in the kitchen from 3-5pm preparing dinner, making lunches and sorting uniform so its prefect to have this on. I love the heart design too!

I’ve been plotting lots of ideas for my blog this month. When I saw these cute little notepads in Aldi a few weeks ago they were perfect for blog work. I am obsessed with slogan notepads and I have quite a few scattered hidden around the house. They are really easy to just pop in your bag too which means you can plot on the go!

I have one favourite book this month and that is Louise Pentlands first novel Wilde like Me. Its such a lovely feel good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Its one I would highly recommend. I have spoken about it quite a bit over the last month on several posts but had too share here too, as it really is a fantastic book.

So there you have it, my favourites for September. I have added a video which I recorded. I am very nervous as its my second video I have done alongside the blog, and I think it shows. I’m hoping I get more confident as I go on. I won’t be a regular vlogger, but I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and see where it gets me!


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