One of my favourite Vlogs to watch are monthly favourites. I love having the recommendation of something from others. I’ve actually taken up some of the recommended favourites from Vloggers, and they have fast become mine.

I have decided to do a monthly favourites post myself and just maybe there will be a monthly favourites Vlog from non other than me! I have been toying with the idea of Vlogging for quite a while. Not all the time as I am pretty self conscious at how I come across. Just a monthly round up and possibly one other video. Without too much waffling about what could be, here is my favourite items this month.

I have fully embraced the autumnal weather. I spotted this jumper in Asda last month and I loved the style of it with its big bell sleeves. Its my go to cosy jumper and one I may have worn far to many times already! Its super cosy and definitely a staple in my wardrobe at the moment. It was a bargain price of £12 too!

Next are my trusty Chelsea Boots. I saw these on my weekly shop {Aldi, if you must know} and for a bargain price of £14.99 I couldn’t resist. I’m always a bit wary of buying items other than food at Aldi, but last year I bought a black pair of boots and they are still going strong today. I’ve high hopes for these ones and you really can’t complain with the price either! They are a gorgeous tan colour with a suede effect, ideal for autumn!

I’ve been experimenting with different face creams this month. I bought a BB tinted moisturiser this month and I am really loving the effect. I was put off with tinted products a few years ago when I ended up sporting the essex orange brigade and it was really not a look I was going for. This one has changed my opinion and I am getting on really well with it. It has a SPF of 10 {not great but still protection!} Conceals any imprecations and blends in with your skin tone. It goes on really well too. I don’t use it every day so I alternate it with my next product.

I’ve been using this product for sometime now. I swear by it. It leaves my face feeling really hydrated, not sticky like some products and its a great base to be added before make-up. I have started to moisturise daily and before I go to bed. I used to be really slack at it, but I have noticed a huge change in my skin since doing so. This face cream is cheap as chips and again from Aldi {my new favourite shop!} £2.99 and it was a friend that recommended it. Again a higher SPF of 20 in this product which I think is important.

Another make up product is this gorgeous mascara by Marc Jacobs. The packaging is spot on and I love the design. I was sent it as a review, so I wouldn’t personally go out and spend the money on a mascara like this, but I am really loving the effect it has on my lashes. I wouldn’t wear it day to day as it kinda gives of a look your dressed up with no where to go. So I am going to be using it for evenings out over the christmas period. It makes your lashes look longer and feel thicker which is always a bonus in my eyes!

My last beauty product that I am really enjoying this month is my concealer. I have some serious baggage round my eyes lately and this has been a saviour. Its really covered up the dark areas and also the red spots I suffer with on my chin area and nose. Definitely something I have been loving this month!

I have really been enjoying my book this month. Truly Madly Guilty. I am only 50 pages in but when I pick it up I tend to loose myself within the pages. Its the author of that amazing Sky Atlantic programme, Big Little Lies. I picked up this particular novel in Costco a few months ago on the back of that programme. It took a while to get into it but its eased up and I am really enjoying it.

Lastly, Its halloween today and I seem to have skipped that and headed straight for the Christmas treats. I  love that shops tend to stock up early on Christmas goodies. I’ve literally been gorging on Mr Kipling’s Christmas Slices all month. I will soon look like one I am sure. But whilst I can get them, I shall continue! I love christmas cake {and mince pies}, who doesn’t? I personally think they should be sold all year round!

So there you have it, my favourites for October. Please check out my video I made. I am hoping my nervous are easing on camera! I’m still hoping I get more confident as I go on. I won’t be a regular vlogger, but I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and see where it gets me!


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