Living Arrows #42

Apart from being a parent and a wife, the next best job in the world has to be being an auntie. My lovely sister had her second little boy this year and although its difficult seeing her now we both have children at school, I try and get over to her at least once a week.

Baby O is the sweetest, most contented baby Ive ever met {after H off course!} I absolutley adore him and I make it my mission to have one selfie with him every week. He is starting to come round to the idea now! Last week was no different, although, we both moved our heads as the flash went, but all the same, its one of my favourites..


Time goes so quickly when you have children. I tell myself every day to cherish what we have, this little dude, brings another sense of happiness to me. I love being an auntie and its definitely a job I would never want to give up!


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