Living Arrows 2015 1/52

Last year, December was quite a big month for Moo. I wasn’t going to blog about it, but as its a major event in Moo’s childhood, I decided that I would.

Moo has always had problems with her hearing. She has always been loud, when I say loud, I mean deafening! The school health team picked up on her hearing through a test and several failed tests later it was decided that she would have an operation to put grommets in. This is quite common in children, but I was scared!

Our first operation was cancelled and I was so angry with the NHS.. I hyped Moo up to the point where she was asking questions on how it was going to happen, how she was going to get to sleep and how were they going to get the tiny grommets in her ears. She was quite distraught she wasn’t going to have it done and as it was a last minute cancellation {like in the day!} she was devastated she would have to return to school for the next 3 days!

We agreed that we would take the first available appointment there was and it just so happened it was to be the 23rd of December.

The day came round quite quickly and I was so nervous. Moo was fine, annoyed and moody she couldn’t eat but other than that she was her jolly self. She was told what was happening and as I had kept the whole needle in the hand thing from her {bit silly yes} she started to become a little nervous.

We were taken down and still my brave girl was a star. My legs started to quiver at the thought of having to leave her, and a slight misunderstanding of who could go with her Mr B stayed on the ward and I was left alone in the waiting room, quietly sobbing. The whole process was pretty awful. Moo kept up the bravado act right till the end and although she didn’t feel the canuala going in I felt awful I was putting her through it. Once the magic milk went in, I broke, I cried, seeing her so helpless and limp was just too much and I was a mess. The 50 minute wait was torture and although I controlled the tears I would soon start again when I realised what was happening. The worst was yet to come.

Going into recovery was awful, my gorgeous girl looked helpless, curled up into the tiniest of balls in the corner of the bed was not something I was expecting. She was in pain and I felt helpless, I wanted to switch positions and take her place.. She clung to her ears and I cried, I couldn’t stop, the tears flowed and I wanted to take the pain from her.

After a while we were on route back to the ward and as she was in so much pain she was given more pain killers and they spaced her out even more. She was in a zone, staring into space, not answering me or Mr B and it was quite scary, I didn’t think she would actually come out of it! Finally a switch went and she started talking, asking for food and she was back. She was back to her cheeky beautiful self.

Even though it had to be done, I wish it didn’t get to it. I never want to have to see Moo like that again, I want to see her happy, jolly, smiley, moody, grumpy, everything that makes her perfect {obviously not too grumpy!}

Thankfully it seems to have worked, she isn’t as loud {Mr B says I am imagining it, but I am sure she is on the quiet side!} She says she can hear a lot better and although she has had a few earaches I think we have success in the grommet operation. We go back in 3 months to make sure its all normal, I’m hoping it is!

This was taken when she lost the spaced out look and we both laid next to each other watching CBeebies.. Thankful for Moo and thankful for

my little family…


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
-Khalil Gibran
Living Arrows

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