Tulips, Silk Scarves, House Renovations | Little Loves 12/52

Tulips, Silk Scarves, House Renovations | Little Loves 12/52

This week has been a lovely week. The weather has finally started to perk up and the sun has been shining most days and it has been really warm when in it, it makes the school run that little bit more appealing! I have been leaving hints of spring around the house in the form of tulips, I adore them and they are helping me get into spring! Apart from the sun and tulips this is what else I have been loving..


I am steaming through The Girl On The Train {excuse the pun!} and I am really enjoying it. Ive recommended it to so many people already and I have yet to finish it! I am trying not to rush it, although its a book you really don’t want to put down!



I have been watching re-runs of Greys Anatomy. I started from the beginning and I am near enough up to date. This week was Derek’s death and I thought I would be ok considering I had already seen it once before, but I was a blubbering wreck yet again. Three episodes I cried for and Mr B looked a little bemused by my tear soaked cheeks! Not entirely sure why it affected me so much!

I watched the final Happy Valley and I won’t give away any spoilers BUT who watched it and WHO was disappointed? I was and I would love to know what you thought of it! I think it could of been so much better! That is all I will say on the matter..

The Walking Dead this week… The only thing I have to say is… Revenge is going to be brutal..



I have been listening to some rather chilled music this week and I have not been able to switch this one off. This is a cover of Thirteen Senses, Into The Fire and its so well done. I don’t know which one I prefer to be honest!



I purchased a new silk scarf. I love the print. It has hummingbirds all over it and it will definitely be worn a lot throughout spring! Ive wanted one for a while since my operation to cover the scar on my neck, so its perfect for when I am having a lazy day and want my hair up. I can see me having a rather large collection soon, especially because they have so many lovely prints!


I made some easter bark this week. It did not last long at all and I only got one bit! Next time I am going to hide it. It was really morish and was a huge hit at snack time!


‘And lastly..’

I am now officially on Easter countdown! We have four days left of the school run and I cannot wait till 3.15 on Thursday afternoon. We have a busy Easter. I am looking forward to the two week break! This term has flown by and I think the tiredness is kicking in, not just with me, but G and H, it really starts to show towards the end of term.

We also have an exciting few weeks ahead of us as we have finally chosen an electrical company to do the re-wire! I cannot wait for it to be done, it means we can really put our mark on the house!


Have a lovely week!

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