Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

What a week! It has been so busy. So busy infant I have not blogged since last week! With the end of term church services, Christmas Mass service on the last day of term and finalising Christmas bits. We broke up on Wednesday and I have made the most of the first few days off by taking it slower. I don’t intend to do much over the next few days as we have a busy Christmas.

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove

I’ve set myself a 2018 goal to read at least one book a month! I have really struggled the past few months with actually finding time to read and document it here. I promise to be better in the new year! This week I have managed to catch up on all my favourite blogs though!

As I mentioned earlier on, both G and H were involved in two performances this week. One was a carol service at the village church. It was really lovely and certainly got us all in the mod for christmas. Secondly a new thing for our school this year was a candle mass service. It was basically a production of the nativity told by the students. It was so lovely and each year group sang a song, they all sung beautifully.

I watched two films this week. Netflix have put on Love Actually. Typical feel good Christmas movie. I also noticed Bridesmaids on there too so I may of indulged in a bit of that too. TV wise, I have not really watched too much. I finished Bancroft, which to be fair was a little bit of a letdown. It was so good throughout but the ending was a bit, meh.

Lastly I cannot not mention the pantomime we went to see this week. I have not been to the panto in years. I am saying now, its going to become a firm favourite family tradition. We went to see Jack and The Beanstalk. Stacey Solomon, Lee Mead and Bobby Davro were all really good. Bobby Davro was brilliant and he really should be back on TV. He had me laughing throughout. If your based in Essex I would highly recommend you go and watch it!

I have shared this song before, quite a few years ago now. It popped up on my iTunes this week and I forgot how much I love it. Some might recognise it from Greys Anatomy. This is obviously the original, but I loved the cover Sara Ramirez did for the musical episode. Still one of my favourite episodes of Greys



Same mum uniform as last week. Cosy jumpers and jeans. Its all I seem to wear at the moment. Easy and comfortable. I also have been wearing my trusty Chelsea Boots. I have literally lived in them since the summer was over with. My favourite shoe at the moment.



I made another lasagne this week. It was a bit sloppy this week! I used to much sauce and it ended up looking like a hot mess on the plate. But it tasted good, so that counts for something.

G has been really testing at the moment. She is nine going on nineteen. I am honestly struggling with mood swings and the general behaviour of a stroppy little girl. This is where I find parenting difficult. I don’t react well in situations where she pushes my buttons and we end up having an argument that sees us going round and round in circles! Everyone tells me it doesn’t get any easier! yep, thanks for that! I am hoping and praying she is getting all her moodiness out now rather than when she actually hits the teens! A very apt quote this week..

Whatever your up to, have a very merry Christmas! I hope whatever your doing, you have a wonderful and joyous time!


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