The Brits, End Of Seasons and Broken Hard Drives Little Love 9/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

I am not sure about you, but I am fed up with the rain! Its been constant all week and always seems to start on the school run! Why is that? Its been pretty hectic this week trying to fit back into the routine of everything, but I think we are getting there!

But without too much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week!


Yesterday, I had to go and re-new my lenses in my glasses.. It was a pretty surreal event as I had to hand my glasses over which left me blind! Everything was a blur! I had both children with me and it wasn’t till H said he needed the loo that I felt really vulnerable! I ended up waiting well over the hour for them, so I took them to McDonalds for their tea, I tried to read a magazine to no avail! Quite worrying that my eyes have deteriorated so bad! **Sorry completely off topic there!**


I think this is going to play a huge part over most of the little loves this week… Madonna!!!!! Seriously I was mortified for her! What a trooper to get up an carry on, I think I would run away!!

Another biggy this week was the final of Broadchurch.. It was jammed packed and my heart was racing the whole way through! I am glad they cleared up the whole second murder because I don’t think I could of waited till season 3! I am pretty gutted of the outcome of the original case.. I don’t know what to think now!! Who actually killed the boy!?!?!

The Walking Dead was intense this week and I was screaming the whole way through! It was literally zombie galore and I just couldn’t take it! I cannot wait for this weeks episode! They left it on a cliff hanger as usual! My instincts tell me that all is not as it seems!


Ok, I watched the brits this week and I have expressed how much I absolutely love Sam Smith and Paloma Faith on this blog so many times, so this week its all about them! I adore the new song from Sam Smith and I just cannot get enough of it lately!

An old song from Paloma Faith but one of my favourites.. She deserved the brit this week and I think she is so bloody great!


Welly boots, the weather has been pants and its the first time I have dug them out this year.


Since last week I have not picked my hooks up.. So I still have not reached the half way mark but I am sure it will happen really soon.

I haven’t made anything that is worth shouting about, apart from another Lasagne! I am getting better with age…

‘And lastly..’

This week my external HD packed up which means that all my photos/videos which I have taken for the last 6 years are actually not assessable as they are on there! I have stressed out so much this week and I am gutted that I could potentially loose the lot!! I am going to take it somewhere and hopefully they will be able to retrieve all the data! the hard drive isn’t that old either!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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17 thoughts on “The Brits, End Of Seasons and Broken Hard Drives Little Love 9/52”

  • I hope you get your harddrive sorted, what a worry.
    I didn’t see the Brits but the news has been full of Madonna’s fall. I doubt I would have got straight up and carried on in those circumstances. Have a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  • I think it was last week Emma hosted, though that Morgana is away again! Lucky girl! Poor Madonna eh! That was a shame! I love lasagne, one of my favourite meals. I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  • The rain has driven me mad. Every time I have stepped off the train it has poured. Eek. I have been rocking the lion hair, fluffy hair look this week. I agree about Broadchurch and Walking Dead. I used to love Madonna but honestly I think she is past it now. I was listening to Ant & Dec speak today and apparently the cape got caught in rehearsals too so I guess it was destined to happen. I am so sorry about your pictures, I do hope you get them back. So many folk tell me that the cloud is a much safer place to keep them now. Maybe they are right. x

  • I really hope you manage to retrieve all your pics from your hard drive. My laptop hard drive died just before Christmas and I had a total panic that I’d lost all my photos too, that’s when never deleting anything off my iPhone came in handy!
    I still think Ellie’s husband was the killer, he just got away with it. Not sure what they will do with a 3rd series! xx

  • Oh dear, hope you get the hard drive sorted! I would be having a melt down! Broadchurch was fantastic, but not sure where they will go in the .3rd series!!! We will miss it in this house! Hope you have a great week xxx

  • Oh no about your hard drive!! Nightmare!! Really hope you get it sorted and the photos are safe pet! I’m so fed up with the rain too – it has been so windy and rotten here as well. Roll on sunnier days! 🙂 xx

  • I have Sam Smith’s album on constant repeat at the mo, i just love the tone of his voice and think his music is brilliant. Oh gosh, poor Madonna! I did feel for the woman but man i couldn’t stop laughing. What a trooper for getting back up and carrying on with the song though! xxx #LittleLoves

  • We are massive fans of Sam Smith and Paloma Faith in this house, love them both. I really enjoyed the last episode of Broadchurch, I wonder where they’re take it next xx

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