Sunny Days, House Inspiration, Easter Eggs Galore… Little Loves 15/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

I am sat here in my garden writing this post up, its currently about 17° and its lovely to have the sun on my face.. This week has been a week of egg hunts and family time and its been lovely. I am gutted the two weeks are drawing to a close!

 This is what I have been loving this week!


I have re-started Harry Potter and it takes me back to when I first read them.. I have to admit, the first few books are a little kiddy, but once the 3rd book draws to a close thats when they start to get a little interesting!

I also read flicked through loads of back issues of Ideal Home magazines.. I just happen to pick up the last issue in the newsagent and my mum and her partner came over and they subscribe, so on Tuesday I was given a shed load of back issues! I am getting lots of inspiration for when we start to decorate our house!


The Supervet..  Has anyone else seen this? Its amazing the things he can do to animals! I do tend to get a little chocked up when watching as its quite sad.. These animals are peoples families and this guy does everything he can to help them.. Very sad, especially when things don’t go to plan too!

I have not watched anything else thats has really stood out.. Made In Chelsea is back on Monday which is always a favourite of mine..


I have heard a fair amount of bickering this week.. Its been pretty full on and I have had to take a fair few deep breaths.

I also have made an attempt to sort my Spotify account out and make a playlist. I have been listening to Bruno Mars.. A lot, I don’t know why, some people find him really annoying, but I really like him and find some of his songs quite relaxing..


Spring wear! I am loving the fact I don’t have to wrap up.. I threw on some spring pants and teamed them with my Solillas.. I am determined to build this shoe collection up and already have my eye on another 3 pairs!



I haven’t made anything this week.. I will be making some cakes today, defeats the object as Easter has been and gone, but I have bought the ingredients for Easter nests and today is the only time I will be able to do them!

I won’t need to make anything sweet fro a while as both Moo and H received so many Easter Eggs they will last a good few months! Its never good to have too much chocolate in the house!

‘And lastly..’

These last few weeks have been so lovely and its been so nice to not have to rush around, make lunches, iron uniform, usher slow children out the door.. I have had such a lovely few weeks off with the children I think I am going to really struggle next week!

I am most definitely on the countdown to the summer holidays.

Whatever you do I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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